Into The Throng

| September 29, 2005 1:53 am

Turns out weeks can be spend working, sleeping, eating, and maybe, if you are lucky, having fun. On Monday morning, WS and I drove towards the beautiful Boston. Waking up at 6 o’clock in the morning is a good thing, but it does leave a toll. I guess I am not that young any more. Going to Boston was a part of a business trip. There were some meetings we had to attend and going there was necessary.

Driving to Boston is always interesting. The 180+ miles go through fairly fast, but sometimes I wish it would go even faster. Maybe next time I go for a bit longer, such as longer for three days, I will try flying. People on the road are typical aggressive drivers, though this time there was no incident. The only bad thing was that I had a t-con scheduled for 10:30, so we almost had to rush. We came to the destination at 10:15, so more than enough time to get ready.

The meetings were, well, meetings. It was nice to see some people working on the project and of course meet some new ones. After the meetings we all went to a nice sushi restaurant in Brookline, called Ginza. I had a couple of rolls, but I traded a slice with SP for two slices of a yummy octopus. Next day went by in a similar fashion, except that instead of sushi there was Italian food.

Both mornings I went for a long jog. I started next to our hotel and run along the Riverway and Fenway roads in the park. It is kind of need to be able to just go from the hotel and run in the park. Here in the cuntry, there is not enough space to put sidewalks. That is why if you want to go for a safe jog, you pretty much have to sit in the car and drive to the park. Kind of backward if you ask me.

On Wednesday we drove back after lunch in a sports bar. Now, I am all for physical activity, but a sports bar is something I am just too dodo to comprehend. Why would you go to a restaurant to watch a game, whatever it is. Anyway, turns out they did have good food, and I had one of the best salads ever. That and we managed to see a celebrity softball or something.

The voyage home was pretty peaceful, except of the little accident somebody had around exit 13 on the interstate 90. Turns out somebody lost twenty or so boxes of empty bottles of beer. These boxes and bottles were all smashed all over the highway blocking all three lanes, so all the cars had to go around on the shoulder. I always wonder if people just do not notice, or they just do not care.

Anyway, I had a fun trip to the college town. It is always good to be immersed into the throng. One day, I just might stay there.

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