Assiduous Friends

| January 24, 2006 3:30 am

Generally, I am really surprised, how a little business trip can become such a milestone. The word milestone in this case is maybe a bit of an overkill, but overall, this trip changed my life, if possibly just a little bit.

Our company is in an alliance with a bunch of other institutions and as a part of work for this alliance, we have a yearly meeting in a really cool skiing place in the middle of skying season. Whoever figured that one out, deserves a medal. That said, wherever there is good, there is even better. For example, on Saturday the snow was great, but on Sunday it was so awesome that I almost cried. But, beside snowboarding, we actually did some work. Oh, and drink.

I meet some really good people. I knew SP from before. I also meet JS last year and there are still photos of that floating on the web. But DJ was the new guy. And let me tell you something. Words cannot describe him. You cannot help but fall in love with him. Coworker and friend MM did not know anybody, so for him they were all new friends. So, we all spend several evening together doing all sorts of crazy stuff, including driving to the great Salt Lake and spend several hours doing nothing but, well, taking pictures.

Once the week was over, it was really hard to say good bye. I guess the notion of seeing each other soon was the only thing that made departure bearable. The experience with these people was something incredible and I will probably not forget it. However, the time came to go back to the suburbia. Hopefully the future will bring more events like this and I will be assiduous enough to take as much out of them as possible.

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