Carnivorous Destruction

| April 23, 2006 8:31 pm

For my birthday, I received a great book called Vegan Freak. It is essentially a list of resources for new and becoming vegan, compiled by a well educated couple. My diet already did not include almost no dairy, and meat and eggs started to get kind of disgusting. So, I decided I give this vegan life style a try.

Now, before you attack me with all the “how are you going to get your proteins”, and “I heard vegans are stupid”, and “it’s just a phase” statements, let me tell you this. First of all, I have not eat so many variety of foods in my life. Before it was more or less variations on the same dishes. Meat, rice, potatoes, pasta… Now, stuffed squash, falafel, humus, couscous, some type of chili, and on and on. It turns out that vegan cooking is actually simpler than non-vegan. For example, you do not have to cook anything before you can try foods. Well, some vegetables and mushrooms are problematic, but overall, I can try anything.

The proteins and calcium are two things people are afraid for some reason. Which is funny, because the animal proteins are actually bad for the calcium level. Just read this article and its references if you do not believe me. Turns out soy proteins and stuff in various fruits and nuts is actually much better. And vegetables have tons of calcium.

Anyway, without sounding like a preacher, the food is good, and it is good for you. The only thing that is missing is a nice vegan clothing line. With this we could then stop living our carnivorous life and become one with the nature. Except of the destruction that civilization causes.

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