My Life Is Moribund

| February 11, 2007 12:21 pm

Why do I get so much spam? And I am not talking only about spam e-mail. I mean everybody gets it. But I am talking about a large amount of paper we get every day and we have to shred it.

Well, let’s start with the two that got me all rioted lately. First one is some letter from this crazy church. Let see, if I would want to go to that church, I would probably find it without them sending me spam. Second, shouldn’t church be against polluting the environment with, well, dead tree advertisements. Finally, aren’t churches typically so poor they have to ask people for money? I don’t see NPR or PBS stations sending me weekly reminders that they exist and I should tune into them.

So, this churches sending people over and sending food to my shredder, are annoying. Why send so many of them? Well, whatever…

The second spam mail is one that I just got recently. It was a letter from AARP telling me that now is the best time for me to join. Though I am getting pretty old, my twenties were finally over, but I thought they are pushing the retirement age further and further into the future. Looking at the trend, I think I will probably never retire.

But, apparently AARP with all its financial problems is now asking relatively young people to join. Well, maybe I am not that young after all. Perhaps I am just a moribund young looking man.

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One Response to “My Life Is Moribund”

Andy Lego wrote a comment on April 5, 2007

Maybe AARP is getting you confused with the Andy Lego who’s been returning their junk mail for 10 years.

Andy Lego

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