Panoply of Phone Features

| August 4, 2008 10:21 am

I had an experience with a company, I will not name with the name but with made up name SI&I. They seem to be pretty archaic when it comes to their customer service and clearly they are all about money. But let’s start from beginning. I got an iPhone. Yes, I got assimilated. But hey, “I got to have more cowbell“.

I got my iPhone

So, I went to the SI&I store and asked for the iPhone. Of course they did not have it, so they put me on the list. For that, I left lots of my personal information including my credit card number. Weeks later, after all the Rutabaga stores had iPhones, SI&I finally called me and told me my iPhone is there. Oh, did I tell you I ordered the 16GB black iPhone?

Anyway, I come to the store and started the sign-up process. So, why does it take 30 minutes to sign-up for a phone? Also, why does the person need to type my personal information to ten different screens? And why do I have to sign the electronic thing 5 times? Why does SI&I need my social security number? People who bought the first generation iPhone had significantly easier process. My coworker said he bought two iPhones, took them home and did everything through the iTunes. Took him 10 minutes. And he is not payed for it. Also, the new plans from SI&I charge you $.2 for every text message, whether you send it or receive it. Then they try to sell you this crazy 200 free messages for $5 per month plan. Even with Badizon, which is not that great of a company I was able to order the phone over the phone and not give any social security number. And they only charge couple of cents for incoming SMS. I would imagine with the unlimited data plan, all data would be included. I will so use e-mail instead of SMS.

Finally I have an iPhone which seems to work fine. Then I wanted to install the must have app “More Cowbell“. However, since the SI&I setup is so extensive that the sales specialist takes 30 minutes to do just about anything, at the end of the day the phone can only be used to make phone calls. Until you go home and go through an surprisingly painful registration process. I would imagine that Rutabaga would make the process much more streamlined. Also, it would be nice to be able to register via the iPhone itself and not by doing something on the web, something in the iTunes and something with a plunger in your bathroom.

Ok, after all this madness, I have an iPhone. It seems to work fine and we will see what the future brings.

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