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Penumbra of Climbing

| June 21, 2010 10:16 am

On Saturday I did Terrible Two and with that completed California Triple Crown Stage Race.

Here is a recap:

It was totally awesome; I recommend to everybody.

Terrible Two Finish

As for the individual doubles I did so far, here are my comments:

  • Solvang Double ~ great first double. It is relatively mild and the scenery is great.
  • Davis Double ~ looking at the profile it would seem easy, but it is really hard because of 100+F all day. Make sure to start early, get those flat miles in as quickly as possible and have insulated water bottles.
  • Mt. Tam Double ~ lots of climbing, but you do it early in the ride. I recommend this one to everybody.
  • Knoxville Double ~ shares a lot of roads with Davis Double. When I did it it was not nearly as hot and it was still hardly bearable.
  • Mulholland Double ~ absolutely mind blowing scenery. It is a lot of climbing with one of the longest climb towards the end.
  • Devil Mountain Double ~ unlike Mulholland, which has relatively mild climbs, this one is in your face climbing. Just when you recover from one climb, there comes the next one. The toughest climb is Sierra road at 160 miles. And to hit you again, there is another climb at 200 miles.
  • Terrible Two ~ pretty nice scenery of Napa and Sonoma. That said, Sonoma county has in my opinion the worse roads in the area. Be prepared for some serious potholes, gravel, non-paved roads, etc.
  • From organization stand point, anything organized by cycling clubs is best. Knoxville Double and Devil Mountain Double trump everything else. Their organizers go above and beyond. Mt Tam, Terrible Two, and Davis come close behind. Lots of quality doubles, for example Mt Tam and Terrible Two, will have valet bike service at the rest stop. This way you can go grab some food, while they take care of your water bottles and your bike. Solvang and Mulholland on the other hand are organized by Planet Ultra, which for some reason has some serious organizational problems. They do rides on awesome roads, but they do beginner mistakes, such as forgetting water, running out of food, no sunscreen, etc.

    But hey, go out and ride!



Sui generis intersection

| February 8, 2010 4:27 pm

Sometimes, I think civil engineers are out there making fun of everybody…

I wonder what they were thinking when they designed this marvel…

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Daedal Rider Friend

| June 30, 2009 10:42 am

After a great weekend in Yosemite, I checked my e-mail and found this e-mail from my friend Gracie:

Hello friends and family,

For those of you who don’t already know, this week I am embarking on a journey riding my unicycle from Canada to Mexico off-road. At 2,705 miles, this is the longest off-road cycling route in the world. My friend Matt Burney and I will both be on unicycles and leave for Canada this afternoon in an attempt to become the first people ever to complete this route on unicycles. We are excited to ride to benefit the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society.

To follow us on this journey, extensive route info, the blog, and donation info, please see the main trip website:

Here’s to another summer of crotch soreness!

Rock n roll,

I am a huge fan of charity activity, such as biking, running, and, in Gracie’s case, unicycling. So, check her website for the ride information and make sure to send her an encouraging note, as well as donate some money.

Gracie and MAtt


Bombinate the Message

| May 11, 2009 11:34 am

Sorry about all the videos lately, but looks like some really good stuff out there.


Propinquity to the Glorious Finish

| April 9, 2009 10:55 pm

I finally completed my first double century: Solvang Double. Here are some highlights.

Mid pointRoute
  • Double century is actually not that much harder than a regular century, provided that you eat and drink all the time and don’t stop too much
  • I wish I asked the organizers about the food, so I wouldn’t have to drag stuff with me. Turned out that they had enough vegan options.
  • I should have a small tube of sunscreen with me, just in case. On the first rest stop, they did not have sunscreen, so I borrowed some from another rider. Of course I did not apply enough of it, so now I have some funny tans.
  • I wish I didn’t spend that much time on the rest stops. I should really just have a quick snack, quick bathroom break, and go.
  • I got to get a smaller camera, so I can take it for the rides with me
  • I wish I dropped my clothing somewhere around Saint Luis Obispo and pick it up next day.
  • Either I have to get a better GPS that lasts longer or I have to finish the ride in less time. The GPS ran out of juice after about 12 hours, so I only have 190 miles recorded.
  • Two more and I have the California Triple Crown.
  • I will still call this one as a part of Century a Month.