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Photos of Me Photos of Me
229 photos
Wall Photos Wall Photos
30 photos
Crossfit Crossfit
5 photos
Mobile Uploads Mobile Uploads
45 photos
Wall Photos Wall Photos
7 photos
Zala's 7 year birthday Zala's 7 year birthday
6 photos
Profile Pictures Profile Pictures
14 photos
Khalsa Hill Killing Machine Khalsa Hill Killing Machine
5 photos
Trekking Annapurna Circuit Trekking Annapurna Circuit From Besisahar to Jomsom via Thorung La. Currency:
79 photos
Halloween 2010 Halloween 2010
2 photos
Random Photos Random Photos
11 photos
Zala's 6th birthday party Zala's 6th birthday party
6 photos
29 29" Unicycle
3 photos
Andy & Juliann Andy & Juliann
1 photos
FarmVille Photos FarmVille Photos
29 photos
Pet Shop Boys Pet Shop Boys
3 photos
Waves to Wine 2009 Waves to Wine 2009
20 photos
Half Dome Hike August 2009 Half Dome Hike August 2009
14 photos
Preparations for Death Ride Preparations for Death Ride
12 photos
Death Ride 2009 Death Ride 2009
10 photos
RAAM Start 2009 RAAM Start 2009
10 photos
Muddy Buddy 2009 Muddy Buddy 2009
What does trail running, mountain biking, and swimming in the mud have in common? So, this was the race where teams of two compete over the 6 mile course. The course consists of running/biking legs and a huge mud pit. During each running/biking leg, one member of the team runs, while the other one bikes. At the end of each leg, there is an obstacle course, such as rope climb, balance beam, or just sheer number of people try to get through...
10 photos
Hiking Lost Coast Hiking Lost Coast
10 photos
DIY Bike Camera Mount DIY Bike Camera Mount
I saw some cool videos on with camera mounted in the back of the bike. So, I decided to try the same. Since I did not want to spend multiple $100 for the real thing, I opted for a DIY thing. Material: * Bike reflector (bike stores give them away for free) * Screw 1/4" 20 thread * Bolt 1/4" 20 thread to make screw stick out enough * Piece of rubber to dampen vibrations Instructions: 1. Take reflector off the reflector holder 2. Put the bolt on the screw and stick the screw through the hole where reflector was attached to the holder 3. Score a hole through the rubber and place it on the opposite side of the reflector holder. Then just screw the camera on and you are all set. Here is a sample video made using this contraption:
3 photos
Baseball game Baseball game
1 photos
The Relay 2009 The Relay 2009
12-member teams run 199 miles from Calistoga to Santa Cruz.
38 photos
Diablo Century 2009 Diablo Century 2009
2 photos
Other Photos Other Photos
1 photos
Solvang Double Century 2009 Solvang Double Century 2009
2 photos
San Jose Bike Party March 2009 San Jose Bike Party March 2009
Awesome critical mass style bike ride in San Jose. Sorry about the bad quality. iPhone with no flash... :(
9 photos
San Francisco Half Marathon San Francisco Half Marathon
17 photos
Biking In Slovenia October 2008 Biking In Slovenia October 2008
My short biking trip in Slovenia. Here are some photos.
22 photos
Mt Hamilton Century 10/11/2008 Mt Hamilton Century 10/11/2008
We rode from Fremont over Calaveras to San Jose, then over Mt Hamilton and all the way to Livermore. 122 miles, 10 hours, about 10,000 feet of climbing.
8 photos
Albums 1 - 33 out of 33
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