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Frangible Tires

| September 25, 2008 4:17 pm

Today on my ride to work, I broke my personal and probably most people’s record in the flats. And I am not only talking about the quantity but also quality.

Ok, start from beginning. I just recently moved to a new place in San Jose. Now my commute instead of involving suicide missions on Matilda Avenue in Sunnyvale, I just jump on the Guadalupe Trail at my condo and ride that all the way to Alviso. I have to cross a single road. The bad? Well, the Guadalupe Trail is currently mostly packed gravel. But it is totally worth it. Especially on my fixed gear. I zip at 20 mph and not worry about the cars.

Well, today in the morning I was waiting to cross the single road I have to cross and as everywhere in the Bay Area, the intersection has the car friendly but bike unfriendly sensors. So, I jumped on the sidewalk and pressed the pedestrian button. On the way back on the road I went through some brush. When I started to ride, I notice my tires are covered with some brown stuff. So I stopped to remove that and to my horror realize that the stuff was about a hundred thorns per tire. After removing couple of them, I heard the tire deflating.

So, I walked back home and switched to my road bike and zipped using the surface roads to work. Those roads are actually pretty good backup, especially since there is actually less traffic on them and are generally faster than my old commute from Sunnyvale. That is even though my new commute is close to 8 miles and my old one was close to 6 miles.

But back to my tire problem. I have not yet taken the tire apart, but I am convinced that what I will see is a tube littered with tiny holes all over the place. Coworker recommended I get the puncture proof tires. He recommended Armadillo. I guess I will see. It would be nice to find some with a more aggressive profile than a regular road tires. Something that will work good on the gravel.


Rejoinder to a Wish One Year Ago

| June 11, 2008 11:07 am

Last year on June 9th, I entered California. On today’s day I started working here.

Bye New York

Bye New York

Welcome California

Happy Anniversary California!


Lacunae of Last Year, or My New Year Resolutions

| January 5, 2008 1:04 pm

Ok, 2007 is over and 2008 is here. First of all, Happy New Year!! to everybody. Yeah, it was a good one. Here is a recap:

  • Lots of travel
  • New Job
  • Drive from NY to CA
  • Move to CA
  • Lots of biking
  • Meet new people
  • More biking
  • Found several vegan restaurants
  • I love this place
  • Even more biking

So, time to make some New Year resolutions. Here they are:

  • More biking
  • More fun
  • Meet more people
  • Do more for the environment and peace (kind of cliché)

Beyond this, I will attempt to do a century a month thing this year, next to biking to work every day.