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Lacunae of Last Year, or My New Year Resolutions

| January 5, 2008 1:04 pm

Ok, 2007 is over and 2008 is here. First of all, Happy New Year!! to everybody. Yeah, it was a good one. Here is a recap:

  • Lots of travel
  • New Job
  • Drive from NY to CA
  • Move to CA
  • Lots of biking
  • Meet new people
  • More biking
  • Found several vegan restaurants
  • I love this place
  • Even more biking

So, time to make some New Year resolutions. Here they are:

  • More biking
  • More fun
  • Meet more people
  • Do more for the environment and peace (kind of cliché)

Beyond this, I will attempt to do a century a month thing this year, next to biking to work every day.


Enfranchise a Mountain Biker

| August 24, 2006 1:17 pm

According to most people mountain biking is a dangerous sport. Well, what do you think? I would almost argue that you are right, except it turns out there are much more innocent activities that are much more dangerous. Take for instance httaking shower. You can fall and break your neck in no time. But I guess the problem is that really any activity can lead to certain death.

Anyway, I attended a super awesome mountain biking festival called Pedro’s Fest. It was in a Brodie mountain in Berkshire. Try to imagine huge amount of mountain bikers, road bikers, mountain biking vendors, camping, and lots of beer. What you get is an awesome party that lasts for three days and everybody has incredible time.

I came on Friday evening and because of rain I almost did not make it up the hill. My little Scion Tc was not designed for the off-road driving. I managed to get it close to the tent, which was setup on the Tequila Hill (don’t ask). JH, JC, MH and his girlfriend, and several other people were already there, so I pretty much came to join the party.

Next day we went for a couple of hour bike ride, that turned out to be about 5 hour one. Once we came back, we mingled with the vendors (I got my Slayer bottom bracket replaced for free) and got ready for the next ride. In the afternoon we took another long ride. By evening, I was pretty exhauster. So, bunch of us spend evening in a large tent talking and drinking.

Sunday we took another really early bike ride. After that, I finally took several photos of the area, including a large amount of photos of kids doing some crazy jumps. Another neat event was mountain-biking unicycles taking the BMX course. Of course a woman went furthest before she stepped off the bike. By now, several people started packing and leaving the campground. This was also a cue for me to pack my stuff. I did a little checking out for deals in the vendor booths, but then I packed my bike and left.

So, back to the danger of mountain biking. Imagine insane amount of people with mountain bikes and only a single major accident. The accident I am talking about was severe enough to call an ambulance. Well, guess what the person was doing. No? Well, he was playing Frisbee.

Overall,… well, you had to be there. I am really looking forward to the next year. That said I have to come earlier. Maybe take the Friday off. Consider living crazy life just to be enfranchised.