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Not a salutary system

| June 16, 2009 4:44 pm

Why is anybody taking these people seriously. That is my question when it comes to radical political organization consisting of a minority of a group, but speaking in the name of the whole group.

Today I listened to my favorite podcast Democracy Now! and I heard this story:

So, curious I am, I started reading about the American Medical Association. Of course they are just an example of a systematic problem, where priorities are totally screwed up. Why would organization that is focusing on a salary of its members be at all concerned about the quality of the service the members provide. As long as they have a guaranteed business, everything is ok. And they do. People will keep on getting sick. The AMA and its members make sure that is the case by fixing symptoms instead of showing and helping people how to live a healthy life. Actually, the problem is that if you live a healthy life, that is one less client for the AMA members. So, no wonder they don’t want the system to change. Who cares about the 50 million uninsured in USA, where there are 250 or more million that happily pay their dues. Of course, the politicians have no problem participating in this scheme, since they get money from the drug and insurance companies. Also, how can AMA talk in the name of doctors, while it only represents about a sixth of the actual doctors.

As Ralph Nader points out, if USA would replace the current health care system with a single payer one, the same amount of money per person would pay about double of what other countries pay for about the same level of service. Just think about it. Is it really so much more expensive to be a doctor in USA than in France, Japan, or UK? If it is, well, US doctors should fix that. Other industries are trying to minimize the costs, why would healthcare be different.

Now, here are some typical complains people have against a single payer systems:

You have to wait to see the doctor

  • Well, I clearly remember so far every single time I wanted / needed to see the doctor, I had to wait. For example, when I got a nasty wasp sting, I had to go to the urgent care center, where I waited about two hours fainting in the waiting room. The nurse came out to check on me every once in a while, but that was it. Also, to get a checkup to a dermatologist, I had to wait 6 months and to get a physical, I had to wait 4 months. 4 months for a physical? Why? Because schools have physical exams, so all the doctors are booked for like 4 months.

Government bureaucrat makes decisions on your health

  • How is that different from the current system, except that the bureaucrat works for a health insurance, whose aim is to minimize the amount of money they pay. My insurance for example does not pay for STD tests unless you are symptomatic. Imagine that you contract AIDS and you are not symptomatic. Wouldn’t you want to know that ASAP? And this is just one example.

Single payer system would waste a lot of money

  • As opposed to the $350 billion that is wasted now?

There would be no innovation

  • Yes, if you slash NIH budget. But, are you saying there is no innovation in space exploration, aviation, weapons, etc?

Quality of health care would go down

  • If the quality of health care is so great, then why is the life expectancy in USA lower than the life expectancy in most industrialized single payer countries. It is actually lower than in Israel and people in Israel are being attacked by terrorists.

And so on. Why are we even talking about this? The current system has been proven to be bad. Its cost increases three times the rate of inflation, the quality is at the lower end of the industrialized world, the emphasis is on fixing symptoms instead of curing disease, and finally there are 50 million people in this system that don’t have access to it. So, why does a minority of people with an obvious conflict of interest deciding this?


Munificent Twitter Request

| May 22, 2009 7:08 pm

Let’s Gainsay the Food Establishment

| April 24, 2009 2:07 pm

I would prefer people would go vegan, but this is a great first step. Go Meatless on Mondays:

If we all just commit to one day a week without eating meat, the effect will be great over the course of the year:

  • Our greenhouse gas emission reductions equal US switching from a car with average fuel efficiency (that’s about 22 mpg for the entire fleet) to a high efficiency car such as the Toyota Prius (50 mpg).
  • We will save about 1 ton of water, enough to fill up the bathtub 22 times per week
  • If everyone in the US did this, we’d collectively save about 12 billion gallons of gasoline

(from TreeHugger)

While you are checking out the Meatless Monday website, make sure to check their recipes, such as Zesty Carribean Banana Muffins.


Zealous Ideas

| January 4, 2009 2:22 pm

Excellent talk by Howard Zinn on “War and Social Justice” as broadcasted by Democracy Now!. Please watch/listen to this talk and support Amy Goodman and Democracy Now! for its excellent work in the independent journalism.


Reprobate Attitude Towards Women

| November 25, 2008 12:18 pm

Today is an International Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women. It is sad that in 2008 we still have to worry about this. But unfortunately today women are still prosecuted for anything from trying to apply for “men” jobs to trying to decide what to do with their bodies and their health. And they are still traded as objects.

Women are in several regards still treated as a secondary citizens. And this is not only promoted by men. There are several women who continue to propagate this stereotype. For example, the Kansas State Senator Kay O’Connor said publicly that “Men should take care of women, and if men were taking care of women (today) we wouldn’t have to vote.” But this is not an isolated case. Women in public commonly downplay the role of women. They are traditionally viewed as the mothers and house wives. And a woman with a career is seen as an outsider and tough.

The most recent example of perpetuating of the weak women myth that I can think of happened during the Obama’s first press conference. In the middle of financial crisis there were several men and women journalists asking tough questions about economy. Out of three women (compared to four men), one Lynn Sweet switched from the problematic economic crisis to talk about where Obama will send his kids to school and what type of dog he will buy. So, in the midst of the issues facing the new president, what this journalist finds important is the type of dog. I guess in her mind this is what women want to know. But this is just one example. If you want more example of perpetuating the weak women myth, just watch some women TV shows.

Finally, most weddings I went to, especially the religious ones, clearly stated that the woman will become man’s property with the wedding. If something is your property then there is no reason to treat it with respect. Te woman becomes an object and therefore it is ok to, well, do to it whatever you want.

So, society has to grow up and stop treating women as a secondary citizens. The society should condemn violence of any kind, especially when it includes physical or psychological torture. Also, any kind of notion that women are weaker, property, or objects, should be eradicated. This includes for both men and women participants of society.

But to wrap this up, let’s just make sure that we are nice to each other. Furthermore, let’s do something special today. For example, smile to a stranger, or hug somebody. And don’t forget to say some nice words to anybody you see.