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Ephemeral Dish

| April 28, 2009 2:19 pm

This one is a vegan interpretation of a fairly popular dish people eat in Slovenia. It is originally probably from somewhere else, but who cares. In my family we call this dish “svinčniki” (pencils in Slovene). This is really play on word: “svinja” (pig), “svinčnik” (pencil), “svinčniki” (plural of pencil). In any case, it is a deep fried breaded pork, but some people use different meat. It is also called “Wiener Schnitzel” (Vienna Steak), but I think that one is supposed to have veal. Since both veal and pig suffer super brutal and horrifying life and death for this dish, I think it is time to have a vegan alternative.

Before I start with the recipe, you will ask me, if I am vegan, why would I make a “meat” dish. I generally don’t like fake meats. They seem to send the wrong message. Exception to this are vegan drum sticks and “svinčnik”. Why? Because they are convenient to eat.

The body

  • Cup of vital wheat gluten flower
  • 1/4 cup of wheat germ
  • 1/4 cup of nutritional yeast
  • Table spoon of onion powder
  • Table spoon of garlic powder
  • Table spoon of paprika
  • Other spices for flavor
  • 2 Table spoons of Soy sauce (use tamari instead of the cheap stuff)
  • 2 Table spoons of Olive oil
  • Water

Take most of the dry ingredients, except paprika, and mix them together. I usually don’t mix too much to keep some variety of flavor. Add oil and some water and knead until all the dry stuff is moist. It should not be wet or runny. It should have consistency of a stretchy playdough. You will know that it is done when it stops sticking to anything. At this point add paprika and soy sauce and knead but don’t over-knead, so there will be some variety of color. Finally, form into the patties. This last step will be hard, since the dough will be super stretchy.

The suit

  • Fine wholewheat flower (or garbanzo beans flower, or white flower)
  • Soy/Almond/Hemp/Coconut milk (or any other vegan milk)
  • Finely ground flax seeds (use whole seeds in the coffee grinder and not the flax meal)
  • Some salt
  • Vegan breadcrumbs (make sure they are vegan… most breadcrumbs in the store may have whey, eggs, cheese, cyanide, or other strange things inside)

Take patties and dip them in flower. At this point you should be able to form them even better, since they will have more things to hold them in place. Prepare a low bowl with breadcrumbs. Mix soy milk, flax seeds, and flax. Let it rest enough that flax release their oils. Put in a low bowl for easy dipping. Take flowered patties, fully submerge them in the soy milk mixture, flip them over if necessary and dip them in the breadcrumbs. At this point they should have an even coating. If you like more coating, repeat dipping into the milk and breadcrumbs.

The lotion

  • Enough grape seed oil to cover the “svinčnik” (you can use any other high heat oil)

The final step is to deep fry the patties. Heat oil and once hot, put it on medium. Drop the patties in the oil and fry until golden brown on both sides. Take them out and place on a paper towel or a strainer to get rid of some excess oil.

Traditionally “svinčniki” are served with french fries or some other potato dish. That said, you can serve them with pretty much anything. I especially like them next day cold.

Make sure to have some nice wine with them. Preferably a wine from Slovenia.


Let’s Gainsay the Food Establishment

| April 24, 2009 2:07 pm

I would prefer people would go vegan, but this is a great first step. Go Meatless on Mondays:

If we all just commit to one day a week without eating meat, the effect will be great over the course of the year:

  • Our greenhouse gas emission reductions equal US switching from a car with average fuel efficiency (that’s about 22 mpg for the entire fleet) to a high efficiency car such as the Toyota Prius (50 mpg).
  • We will save about 1 ton of water, enough to fill up the bathtub 22 times per week
  • If everyone in the US did this, we’d collectively save about 12 billion gallons of gasoline

(from TreeHugger)

While you are checking out the Meatless Monday website, make sure to check their recipes, such as Zesty Carribean Banana Muffins.


Thaumaturgily Easy Dish

| April 3, 2009 12:49 pm

Just wanted to share this great little vegan dish with you. It is super easy to make and is one of the set it and forget it dishes. You pretty much just dump everything in the pot and cook for however much you want.

So, here it goes:

  • 1 cup of red lentils
  • 1 cup of brown basmati rice
  • 1 table spoon of garlic chilly sauce (or less if you don’t want spicy)
  • 1 table spoon of peanut butter (real one, not that sugar junk)
  • 2 table spoons of Island Soyaki
  • 5 cardamom seeds
  • Some oregano
  • Some salt or soy sauce for flavor
  • 1 green onion
  • Some garlic
  • Table spoon of olive oil
  • Enough water to cover everything (about three to four cups)

So, dump everything to the pot, mix well, cook until everything soft and eat. Make sure to not eat the cardamom pods. They are there just for flavor.

Couple of things you can add:

  • Cinnamon sticks
  • Other vegetables
  • Tor dal, black eyed peas, or any other quick cooking legumes instead or in addition to the red lentils
  • Almond butter

And you can eat this by itself or serve as a side dish to some nice grilled mushrooms, garlic and paprika flavored seitan, or a broiled tofu.


Aestival Foods

| August 19, 2008 12:07 pm

Interested in some awesome Japanese vegan dishes?

Japanese Bento Dishes